Topic Name
1 Introductory quiz module 1
1 Activity: Guess the characteristics of non-formal edcuation
1 Activity: select the benefits of non-formal education in langauge teaching
1 Quiz: the basics of TBLT
1 Activity: Could it be a task?
1 Quiz: Can you say this in class?
1 Activity: Summary of language awareness
1 Final quiz of module 1
2 Introduction quiz on file managment
2 introductory quiz topic 4: adapting and creating content
2 Introductory quiz topic 6 - writing
3 Introductory quiz
3 Activity: Choose the right type of task for each task
3 Activity: Decide which part belongs in the pre-task phase, the task cycle phase or the post-task phase
3 Quiz (CERF Language Levels)
3 Activity: Choose the right level for each task
3 Activity: Select the appropriate learning goals
3 Activity: Which method of instruction is more appropriate?
3 Final quiz
4 Module 4 Introductory test
4 "How to" Assessment Quiz
4 Assessment Quiz
4 Self-assessment Questionnaire
4 Module 4 Final Test
5 Introductory quiz
5 Final assessment
5 Activity: Characteristics of Task-Based Language Assessment
5 Find the most suitable data collection method in order to assess the following learning outcomes