Tips and tricks

1.      Remember to set learning outcomes which can provide learners with a holistic and coherent learning experience.

2.      Blend different kinds of assessment methods in your teaching.

3.      Assessment is a powerful tool for learning, therefore use it to inform your teaching practice.

4.      Get familiar with students’ interests so as to design meaningful assessments.

5.      Collaborate with other teachers so as to share good practices for TBLA.

6.      Design specific rubrics in order to measures your students’ linguistic skills according to the learning outcomes you have set before.

7.      Be curious and don’t be afraid of trying new assessment strategies.

8.      Be clear with your students and share the expected learning outcomes so that they understand the purpose of all the tasks they are supposed to carry out.

9.      Identify and understand your own bias so that they won’t impact on your capacity of giving feedback.

10.  Observe your fellow teachers in order to improve the assessment methods and strategies you use to evaluate learners.

Last modified: Friday, 24 June 2022, 2:58 PM