Activity solution

The first task is not such an interesting one for adult learners. It is like ignoring that these are learners that have different levels of experiences as adults and as learners.  They are addressed as children, considering that their main experience is school. The task is focused on a subject, the one of school, rather than a problem, that could engage the adult learners actively. There is certainly a limitation on the extent of the task, of the dialogues that can happen under this task. 

This second task can be valuable for the adult learners as it takes into consideration their age, using their experience as part of the task. They have to talk about the good and bad things of their working environment and then, find solutions they could apply to solve the problems they have at work, rather than only talk about a subject, i.e., professions. Also, there is not so much guidance on the task as the adult learners are considered as learners ready to learn and free to move the conversation as fast and deep as they wish.