Video: Introduction to module 2


Below you find the key elements of the video: 

The use of digital resources in language teaching, and in teaching in general, has become increasingly common, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Knowing the basics of digital skills is not only useful in teaching but can always come in handy in life in general. For example, there are many opportunities on the Internet to improve your language and teaching skills, just like this course!

Digital skills are also useful for finding content and material for your lessons such as photos, videos, online newspapers and so on. 

In particular, TBLT, as you will have already understood from Module 1, uses authentic material. The 'authentic material' comes from the real world, and is not created specifically for lessons. On the Internet, you can search and find the most suitable materials for your lessons, student level and learning objectives. 

Digital skills are useful for creating content: for example, if you want to edit a photo you found online, or change the words of a song, or even create a presentation. 

Finally, you may need or want to teach your lessons remotely, so you need to know digital tools to keep your lessons interactive and interesting. 

To do all this, you need to know at least the basics of digital resources. In this module, you will learn how to manage files and how to search online, how to find copyright-free material and how to adapt digital content to your wishes. You will also learn how to use digital tools to support your students' written and oral learning. And finally, you will learn how to use interactive digital tools. 

Each section will consist of an introductory quiz, a short lesson, an activity and tutorials

Before each section, you will be asked to take an introductory quiz. The test score will indicate whether you need to study the topic to enhance your knowledge, but of course you can study any topic you already know if you like! 

In addition, in each section you will be asked to complete an activity and if you are still not completely comfortable with a particular tool, or if you would like to review some aspect of the topic, you can watch the tutorials before completing the activity.

Don't worry if this explanation seems difficult, just try to understand the key points and then the tutorials will guide you step by step.  

Do you want to download these key elements in pdf, click here