Text: What are the elements of a task (pre-, task, post-)?

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Let's look a little more at the task structure. 

A lesson is divided into: pre-task, task, and post-task. Here we pay more attention to how to deal with these phases. In the table below you can see what is the behavior of the teacher and the student during each phase of the TBLT lesson. 

PRE-TASK PRE-TASK Introduces and defines the topic
Uses activities to help students recall/learn useful words and phrases
Ensures students understand the task instructions
Motivate students

Visuals (photos, videos, etc.)
Vocabulary activities
Showing other students doing the same or similar activity
✔ Note down useful words and phrases from the pre-task activities
✔ May spend a few minutes preparing for the task individually
✔ Activate already-existing knowledge
TASK CYCLE TASK ✔ Acts as observer and encourages the students
✔ Takes notes of the mistakes made during the exercise
✔ Controls the development of the process
✔ Do the task in pairs/small groups
✔ May be asked to look up additional data
✔ Focus on using the language, not on the mistakes!
PLANNING ✔ Ensures the purpose of the report is clear
✔ Acts as language adviser
✔ Helps students rehearse oral reports or organise written ones
✔ Prepare to report to the class (verbally or in writing) how they did the task and what they discovered
✔ Prepare the language form and vocabulary they will use
✔ Rehearse what they will say or draft a written version for the class to read
REPORTING ✔ Acts as a facilitator: selecting who will speak next, or ensuring all students read most of the written report
✔ Maybe give short feedback on content and form
✔ Present their spoken reports to the class, or circulate/display their written reports
✔ Can compare results with other students
✔ Reflects on performance
✔ Reviewing mistakes
POST-TASK (Language Focus) ANALYSIS ✔ Reviews each activity with the class
✔ Brings other useful words, phrases and patterns to students` attention
✔ Identify and process specific language features from the task
✔ Ask questions
PRACTICE ✔ Conducts practice activities after the analysis where necessary to build confidence and affirm the knowledge ✔ Practice and affirm words, phrases and patterns from the analysis activities